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Reiner Chiropractic provides various wellness programs for Body Cleanse and Detox. Our wellness clinic has developed a unique system to help you achieve better health. We have patients with illness such as cancer, fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr, arthritic conditions, insomnia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, fell better with our techniques and programs.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage increases the lymphatic flow in the body, moving stagnant fluids to reduce swelling and inflammation. The massage is performed by gentle strokes with a rhythm that also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing for relaxation. A boosted lymphatic system will cleanse your body by eliminating toxins, thus improving your health.

Far Infrared Sauna

The Far-Infrared Sauna emits waves that penetrate deep into your body, 1-1/2 inches below the skin, stimulating the cellular metabolism and breaking up the water molecules which hold toxins, thus allowing the body to void these toxins through perspiration for great benefits in a variety of health problems.

Ionic Foot Bath

The Detox Foot Bath uses natural energy and water to neutralize free radicals (toxins) and extract them through the pores of your feet during the 30-minute treatment. The body is energized and rejuvenated with a stronger immune system. You’ll feel relaxed, lighter, think more clearly and experience a greater sense of well-being.

pH Balance

We offer treatments to help balance your body's pH Blanace and remove toxic metals and high acidic levels in your body. Call today and schedule an appointment to learn more about our treatment options.